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Do you like the trip of a lifetime?

Do you like the trip of a lifetime?


Do you like the trip of a lifetime?

The truth is that God wants you to enjoy your life every day. Did you know? If you did not, or maybe you do not know if God approves people who appreciate life, look at John 10:10 (AMP). He said: “The thief does not come but to steal and kill and destroy I have come to have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (at most until it opens) ..

It is an absolutely incredible writing because it tells us clearly that God not only wants us to be alive, but He wants us to love to be alive. He wants us to live with joy – abundant and overflowing joy!

Learn to live life
My passion as a teacher of God’s Word is to help people learn to live the life that Jesus died to give us. This is why we have called our program “Enjoying everyday life”. And I have learned from my own experience that if you do not have any joy, no matter what you have or what you do or how your circumstances can be good … that does not mean much.

So how can we have the joy of the Lord? Jesus tells us in John 15 that if we abide in him, we will experience the will of God for our lives, and all that Jesus will be ours. Hosted media make Jesus the most important person in your life, live and stay in it, and revolve around everything happens in life. It was at that time that we produced the fruit of a divine life. And it was then that the true joy of God is released in us.

It is easy to see that Jesus focuses on so many benefits. On the one hand, when we are going to pay attention to it, we do not focus on the problems of the world; And we can live with the peace and joy of God. Another benefit of living this way is that it prevents us from continually standing out to live in survival mode and disappear throughout the day.

Why is the game important?

Why is the game important?


Why is the game important?

According to Fromberg and Gullo (1992), the game improves language development, social skill, creativity, imagination and thinking skills. Frost (1992) agrees, stating that “play is the primary vehicle for the development of imagination and intelligence, language, social skills, and perceptual motor skills in infants and young children” (p.

Garvey (1977says that play is the most common infantile when children’s self-awareness, verbal and non-verbal communication knowledge and understanding of the physical and social world are growing dramatically.

Fromberg (1990) asserts that gambling is the “ultimate integrator of human experience” (p.223). This means that when children play, they build on their past experience: things they do, like others, read or watch on television, and use these experiences to build games, play scenarios and participate in activities.

Children use fine and thick motor skills in their play. They react socially. They think about what they are doing or they will. They use language to speak or for themselves and respond very often emotionally to the game activity. The integration of these different types of behaviors is fundamental for the cognitive development of young children. Rogers and Sawyer (1988), “at least until the age of nine, the cognitive structures of children work best in the unified mode” (P 58). Because children were inspired by all these behaviors, it is a very effective way to learn.

Cognitive development and reading
The relationship between play and cognitive development is described differently in the two theories of cognitive development that dominate early childhood education – Piaget and Vigotsky.

Piaget (1962) defines the piece as the assimilation, or the child’s efforts to ensure that environmental stimuli correspond to their own concepts. Piaget’s theory that play on itself does not necessarily cause the formation of new cognitive structures. Piaget says that the game was just for fun, and then allowed the children to practice the things they had learned, this has not necessarily translated into learning new things. In other words, the game reflects what the child has already learned, but necessarily the child is taught something new. In this perspective, the game is considered a “process that reflects symbolic development to emerge, but contributes little” (Johnsen and Christie, 1986, p 51).

However, Vygotsky’s theory says that the game actually facilitates cognitive development. Children do not just do what they already know – they also learn new things. In the discussion of Vygotsky’s theory, Vandenberg (1986) points out that “the game does not reflect so much thinking (as Piaget suggests), since it creates thought” (p.21).

The observations of the children in the game give examples to support theories of Piaget and Vygotsky game. A boy who puts on a raincoat and a fireman’s hat and rushes to rescue his teddy bear flames claimed in his home game practice what he has learned about the fire department. This supports Piaget’s theory. On the other hand, a child in the middle of blocks announcing his teacher: “Look! When I put these two square blocks, a rectangle appears!” A new knowledge built through your game. This supports Vygotsky’s theory. Let the children practice what they have learned in other contexts or build new knowledge, it is clear that the room plays an important role in the early childhood class.


LIC ADO 2017


LIC ADO 2017

LIC ADO 2017: Candidates, who are getting to create their career in insurance sector, will be a part of the insurance Corporation (LIC), the most important public sector nondepository financial institution of Republic of India. LIC AAO 2017LIC offers all eligible Indian nationals with numerous job openings. LIC could provide the task notification to the candidates for the post of Assistant body Officer (AAO) in 2017 which may be a golden chance for all aspiring contenders who deem creating their career within the insurance Corporation. LIC AAO 2017 achievement notification is close to get free and notification associated with form are updated consequently.

Details regarding the LIC ADO 2017 exam Official notification

The terribly initial stage of the total choice method is that the publication of the notification. Candidates area unit-aware regarding the eligibility criteria, on-line applications and varied different details regarding the examination via LIC ADO official notification, 2017.

The official notification are going to be printed on the official web site of LIC that is ‘’ within the middle of Gregorian calendar month, 2017.
In the official notification, there’ll be all the main points regarding the LIC AAO Examination, 2017.
Candidates are going to be provided the rules as however {the on-line|the web|the net} form ought to be crammed and submitted online.
Candidates will be given different precise details regarding the LIC AAO communicating, 2017 like the eligibility criteria, vacancies and communicating centres etc.
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Important Dates concerning LIC ADO 2017

Below, i’m sharing with tentative communicating schedule of LIC ADO 2017. All the mentioned dates area unit subject to be updated when announcement of its various notification.

1. Date of supply of Official Notification —
2. Date of filling and submitting on-line Application Form —
3. cathartic Date of Admit Card —
4. Date of the commencement of Exam —
5. Date once the results of communicating are going to be Declared

.LIC ADO Eligibility Criteria 2017

All Indian nationals will apply for the LIC AAO communication, 2017.
As per the LIC AAO Eligibility Criteria, 2017, candidate’s age should be between twenty-one years and thirty years.
Candidates of the reserved class are offered acceptable relaxation in their higher age.
Contenders should have a bachelor degree in any discipline from a university or institute recognized by Parliament or State general assembly.
The online application fee to use for the LIC AAO communication, 2017 are Rs. 600 for general candidates and it’ll be Rs. one hundred for candidates those who belong to the reserved class like SC and ST.


After the LIC AAO 2017 official notification is revealed on the LIC’s web site, applicants can apply on-line for the communicating through the LIC AAO on-line form.
Applicants got to have their photograph and signature scanned before they proceed to use for the examination.
The online application are submitted in 2 elements (viz. Part-I and Part-II).
In the initial a part of LIC AAO on-line form, candidates can need to submit their details like their name, parents’ name, date of birth, academic qualification, position, category of the community, contact details etc.
In the second a part of the appliance type, candidates are asked to submit their scanned photograph and signature along side the payment of application fee.
After creating the payment of the web application fee, the appliance type are submitted.

Laughter- The Best Medicine

Laughter- The Best Medicine


Laughter- The Best Medicine

Laughter, they say, is the best medicine. And there is a lot of evidence that laughter does us a lot.

Reduces pain and allows us to tolerate discomfort.

Reduces blood glucose levels, increased glucose tolerance in diabetics and non-diabetics.

This improves your professional performance, especially if your work depends on creativity and solving complex problems. Their role in intimate relationships is largely underestimated and what really is the glue of good marriages. Synchronize the speaker’s brains and the listener so that they adapt emotionally.

Laughter establishes – or restores – a positive emotional climate and a sense of connection between two people. In fact, some researchers believe that the main function of laughter is to unite people. And all the benefits of laughter can simply be the result of social support that laughter stimulates.

Now there is new evidence that laughter helps the blood vessels work better. It acts on the lining of blood vessels, called endothelium, causing relaxation and expansion of blood vessels, which increases blood flow. In other words, it is good for the heart and brain, two organs that require the constant flow of oxygen carried in the blood.

At this year’s meeting of the American College of Cardiology, Michael Miller, MD, of the University of Maryland reported that in a study of 20 healthy people, causing laughter did as much good in their arteries as aerobic activity. Not recommended for laughing and not exercising. However, he reports that he tries to laugh on a regular basis. The endothelium, he explains, regulates blood flow and adjusts the blood clotting tendency and clots. In addition, a variety of chemicals are segregated in response to injury, infection or irritation. It also plays an important role in the development of cardiovascular diseases.

“The endothelium is the first line in the development of atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries,” said Dr. Miller. “Therefore, given the results of our study, it is conceivable that laughter is important to maintain a healthy endothelium, and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.”

At least, he adds, “laughter contradicts the impact of mental stress, detrimental to the endothelium.”

The researcher can not say with certainty exactly how laughter has its benefits to the heart. This could come from the vigorous movement of the diaphragm muscles like that of rice or grunt. Alternatively, or in addition, laughter can trigger the release of hormones in the brain, such as endorphins that have an effect on the arteries.

It is also possible that laughter increases the levels of nitric oxide in the walls of the arteries. It is known that nitric oxide plays a role in the dilation of the endothelium. “Perhaps mental stress leads to a breakdown of nitric oxide or inhibits a stimulus to produce nitric oxide which results in vasoconstriction.”

Dr. Miller offers a simple recipe that will not fail you and could save your life. “Thirty minutes of exercise three times a week and 15 minutes of laughter on a daily basis is probably good for the vascular system,” he said.


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