Do you like the trip of a lifetime?

Do you like the trip of a lifetime?


Do you like the trip of a lifetime?

The truth is that God wants you to enjoy your life every day. Did you know? If you did not, or maybe you do not know if God approves people who appreciate life, look at John 10:10 (AMP). He said: “The thief does not come but to steal and kill and destroy I have come to have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (at most until it opens) ..

It is an absolutely incredible writing because it tells us clearly that God not only wants us to be alive, but He wants us to love to be alive. He wants us to live with joy – abundant and overflowing joy!

Learn to live life
My passion as a teacher of God’s Word is to help people learn to live the life that Jesus died to give us. This is why we have called our program “Enjoying everyday life”. And I have learned from my own experience that if you do not have any joy, no matter what you have or what you do or how your circumstances can be good … that does not mean much.

So how can we have the joy of the Lord? Jesus tells us in John 15 that if we abide in him, we will experience the will of God for our lives, and all that Jesus will be ours. Hosted media make Jesus the most important person in your life, live and stay in it, and revolve around everything happens in life. It was at that time that we produced the fruit of a divine life. And it was then that the true joy of God is released in us.

It is easy to see that Jesus focuses on so many benefits. On the one hand, when we are going to pay attention to it, we do not focus on the problems of the world; And we can live with the peace and joy of God. Another benefit of living this way is that it prevents us from continually standing out to live in survival mode and disappear throughout the day.

Why is the game important?

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