SAT Preparation Courses Start

SAT Preparation Courses Start


Trend- SAT Preparation Courses Start Ever Earlier

Like many outstanding students with dreams of going to an Ivy League college, Burton Liao took a test preparation course to increase his scores on college entrance exams.

But unlike his classmates in the summer program, Liao plenty of time to learn vocabulary SAT results and construction strategies before the arrival of the big day of the test.

It’s only 13 years.

Although most of the collaborative students focus on entrance exams in high school or high school, Liao enters eighth grade at a public school in Walnut.

In a sign of increased competition to enter the best colleges and universities, younger students enroll in college exam preparation courses. Increasingly, students receive help before they begin their senior year – and even in high school.


For Liao, a serious guy who hopes to attend Harvard one day, which is common sense. “This gives a good start,” he explained. The SAT, said Liao, “and has a lot of vocabulary words, and many mathematical concepts you need to know.”

Jeff Rubenstein, director of research at Princeton Review, said the trend toward early readiness reflects the emphasis on standardized testing across K-12 education. This, in turn, “has increased the sense of the need … for the preparation of the test,” said Rubenstein.

Some of the demanding young students are looking for incentives in the PSAT, a test used primarily as a test of SAT practice. This is due to the greater PSAT scorers – less than 1% of junior high students take the exam each October – qualifies as semifinalists in the competition for scholarships for national merit scholarships.

High PSAT scores can also help high school counselors who decide which students must pass the advanced courses that are considered essential for college candidates.

High school students who are looking for a general exam preparation, trying to qualify for summer programs or other special offers for talented young people requiring them to take the SAT, PSAT or ACT, another college entrance test.

The demand for the youngest students and their families was enough that the review of Princeton, one of the two leading national test preparation companies, has launched a summer program called Smart Start designed for students in the seventh To the tenth. The program, which costs approximately $ 500, provides 24 hours of classroom instruction as well as test sessions.

Kaplan Inc., the largest company in the industry, does not offer any program equivalent to Smart Start, but asked students to connect in the sixth year for the Individual Prep Scoring tutoring program. It costs about $ 100 per hour, usually for a minimum of 15 hours.

Registration of younger students, who account for only a small fraction of the estimated SAT test activity estimated at $ 200 million, reflects “the increased pressure brought about by many families with regard to admission to college “Said Karen Blass, a Kaplan spokeswoman.

Early preparation is part of a trend to take university entrance exams earlier in the year and take the PSAT, not only in October of the year, but the fall of the last year.

This occurs in part because of the planned time for senior citizens to apply for popular programs for early college admission.

Some students also want to get their SAT out of the way before preparing for SAT II based curriculum exams, which are usually taken late in the beginning of high school.


In the test preparation industry, however, providing training in college entrance test skills for college, or even through the ninth or tenth year, is controversial.

“It’s unethical,” said Adam Ingersoll, executive director of Ivy West Educational Services, a California-based company. “In the ninth and tenth year, you do not need strategies for SAT learning. You have to take challenging courses, read books … and participate in activities that are important to you.”

Without naming specific offenders, Ingersoll attributed the companies that encouraged “the tendency of families to feel increasingly anxious that

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