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Students file online petition

Students file online petition


Students file online petition, demand biannual NET exams

Minister of Human Resources Development Prakash Javadekar hinted that the government could consider conducting the national selection test (NET) once a year, while the number of semester exams had declined.

Although the Minister of Defense for Human Rights did not say whether the reviews will be conducted this year, the UGC has confirmed that the July edition of .NET will be held this year. But according to a notice issued by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), June 6, examine NET will be held from November 19 to, 2017.

An online request in this regard, launched by a Kaur Kawalpreet, currently has more than 1,000 students across the country, demanding that the network will be held twice a year. The petition says:. “It seems that there is a disruption in the practice of performing twice a year NET CBSE had already expressed its reluctance to take the NET exam twice a year as it has been so far.After a protest from the UGC student community Issued a press release saying that the CBSE was invited to take a NET exam in July 2017. However, to our absolute surprise, we have now learned that the announcement published by CBSE dated June 6 states that the NET exam is Will be held on November 19, 2017. It is extremely unfortunate that the UGC after having issued press statements will be removed from liability.

Students require not only the restoration of the biannual review, but also the restrictive ceiling removal of six percent of the NET qualification. The petition adds: “We have also been informed of the UGC’s alarming move to reduce the number of students who will be eligible for the NET exam. It was reported in newspapers that the UGC has decided to reduce the ceiling of eligible students NET 6% .


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